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Teams need to be back at the finish location on time or risk losing points for every minute late. The marking session is great fun with teams marking their own results under the watchful eye of another team member, but don’tforget the organisers decision is final (unless swayed by a bottle of red wine!!!!!!!!!!!)….these marking sessions are always good entertainment with plentyof banter, and tension as teams watch their results unfold. Results sessionsare always interesting whether your team is in a pub, conference room or French bistro???? See below for links to individual treasure hunt and scavenger hunt pages dji phantom review – other models too.

“Everyone had a fantastic time at the Treasure Hunt on Thursday and here is a very good comment for you … “the afternoon Team bonding session was fantastic and I can honestly say that it Really made a difference to see all the other people in different depts in a more relaxed atmosphere”.

Carol Whitbread plc Premier Travel Inn Marketing … please click here for more testimonials

We are often contracted by other top corporate entertainment companies to write and deliver their treasure hunts.

So whatever your corporate entertainment, team building or conference needs, please call us or drop us an email for a no-obligation quote – you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Your treasure hunt can be arranged at any venue, on foot or by car.We even have a London Underground and Monopoly treasure hunt! We have established car based treasure hunts in various places in the UK plus a great on-foot French Treasure hunt round Paris. Locations with prepared treasure or scavenger hunts:

During your treasure hunt, you’ll actively turn teamwork into results. Your teams will learn new techniques for reducing errors, increasing production and inspiring innovation best recreational drone. All done in a relaxing and enjoyable way, solving amazing, mind-boggling challenges – planning, communicating, navigating on this urban challenge and problem solving. But the hunts do not have to be in a town or city, they can easily be used as stimulation events for conference breaks.

Each team has a treasure hunt booklet containing traditional treasure hunting tasks. You must also navigate your team around the city on their urban challenge or countryside using a map. For extra points teams take photographs of specific subjects and local landmarks with a digital camera (supplied). To develop planning and decision making in your team, we always set too many clues and tasks for the time available. Teams must select the challenges and the most efficient route to gain optimum points. Heavy penalties are udi u818a handed out for late arrival back at base so the winning team will have shown flexibility as well as good planning in order to meet the deadlines.

Through our sister company, Hydroactive (UK) Ltd., we can arrange any corporate event tailored to your specific needs. We can organise a conference or or conference break, team building, client entertainment or staff rewards such as treasure hunts, It’s a Knockout (using the genuine BBC costumes), Archery, laser clays, motorised events … Whatever you want. Please see the Hydroactive web site for full details.

Individuals – Capture the informal sights and sounds of your wedding, no set up photos, just true images as you and your guests let their hair down and enjoy your big day comparison of binocular 2016/2017. Photoactive photographers will quietly keep an eye open for a different angle and capture those fleeting personal moments that others miss. A great complement to your formal photographs.

Arranging your Stag or Hen event can be a stressful part of the wedding preparations. Talk to us, tell us what you would like or ask us for suggestions (for example an outdoor activity event, a mega-shopping event or a city based event or combination) and let us take the organisational strain for you – and the photographs of course.

Image – photographs taken by Photoactive corporate events photographers at a variety of corporate entertainment and team building events

We can do the straight photography as well – if you own a hotel or other venue, please contact us about your brochure or other advertising photographs. Our top quality digital images are perfect for reproduction in your promotional literature.

Here is a small selection of photos from events that we have covered…

Click on the images to view the full size versions. Once you are in the gallery, you can browse using the navigation arrows or come back to this page to select a particular image.

These are quick loading mini-galleries to give you a flavour of our work. When you are browsing these, you can access the full galleries of each of these events by following the links 7×35 binoculars. The full galleries can take a while to load since they contain large numbers of images, please be patient

Paris treasure hunt for EMC. For the Powerpoint presentation please contact us and we will email it.

Geest ‘Spy Games’ team building day – Feb 2003. For the Powerpoint presentation please contact us and we will email it.

We often work in conjunction with Nottingham (OK – Ilkeston now) based corporate entertainment event company Off Limits great headsets for pc. The Off Limits staff will take your call and find out exactly what you need. They will then make the arrangements for your event – a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt and then pass these to Andy. Andy is our treasure hunt and scavenger hunt corporate entertainment event manager and he will be in contact with you prior to the event to finalise the details.

Treasure Hunt Game – A treasure hunt is a game in which a single player or a group of players try to find hidden articles, locations or places by using a series of clues.

A common and traditional application of the treasure hunt was the Easter egg hunt that was performed on Easter Sunday mornings. Children would find an Easter egg or other Easter gift by reading a clue that was given to them then going to the location of that clue. Sometimes this game is performed as part of children’s parties with the final article being something other than the Easter egg oculus rift glasses price.

The idea was expanded to provide a social or fundraising event for local clubs, charities or even groups of people from offices. These were generally organised by individuals.

Gradually, corporate events management companies latched on to the idea that they could be used for effective team building. The treasure hunt evolved further. Treasure hunts were modified to require even more problem solving vision and teamwork. They are still a fun and enjoyable event but have a serious impact on the functioning of a team of colleagues and employees at work. They are not the only team building activity but they are a good way of informally enhancing interpersonal skills in the workplace no doubt the Zeiss VR One is comfortable.

Organising a good treasure hunt takes skill, patience and a good knowledge of the local area. Treasure hunt no-nos are using notices, items that could be moved like old cars in garages that look as if they have been there for decades, pub licensees etc. For car treasure hunts, look for clues close to convenient stopping places. The treasure hunt clues need to cater for everyone, make sure there are some cryptic clues for the treasure hunt veterans as well as some easy clues for the treasure hunt novices.

Photoactive provide a top class photographic service to companies and corporate entertainment organisations.

Whatever your event, we can capture the essence of your day on digital camera.

Our photographers will circulate, always on the lookout for a different angle or those personal moments that define the day or evening.

At the end of the event you will see a selection of the most entertaining images put to music for you and your clients to see prior to leaving. Following the event you will also receive a photo CD taulman t glase. The pictures of your event can be placed on the web so that participants can see them from any computer with internet access.

A fantastic end to an event and everlasting memories for your employees or clients.

Stag and Hen events are a great way to enjoy the company of your close friends and celebrate your forthcoming wedding. It is not always possible to capture the day on camera when you are involved – Photoactive photographers can. We will create a unique, interesting and humorous record of your activity be it a day of motorised fun or a wild night on the town.

The experienced Photoactive photography team have been involved in corporate entertainment, hospitality, team building and stag/hen events for many years.We regularly work for Spy Games and Off Limits but are never too busy to talk to you about your event. Please use our contact page to talk to us about your needs.

A spin-off from this is that we have an extensive range of contacts and can organise your corporate, stag or hen event as well – the ideal partnership.

Whatever your event, we can capture the essence of your day on camera. Our photographer will run around your event taking photos and then at the end of the day you can have a printer comparison site selection of images put to music for your clients to see prior to going home. A CD of all photos taken will also be made and the pictures of the day’s events added to our gallery to allow internet access to them. A fantastic end to an event and everlasting memories for your employees or clients. Contact Photoactive for more details.

Corporate – Our experienced team of photographers have a great sense of humour and keen eyes for off-beat shots. The best shots from the day are assembled into an entertaining PowerPoint presentation and projected on to the Big Screen as your clients, conference delegates or employees relax at the end of their day.

All of the photographs from the day’s event are saved onto a CD and given to the event organiser.

My Slide Show software – for less than £15 you can purchase this great software. We use it for the events CDs  and would recommend it to anyone. You can create slide shows and send them to customers, family and friends. They do not need any other software to view the show. Click on the link above to see more information. You can download a trial version before buying.

Why shoot from 5 feet 8 inches? A camera is not glued to your eyes so experiment with holding it high or low. It is not so easy to experiment with silver based film canon eos 5d mark iii review, it is expensive and wasteful and you may not get the chance again. But using a digital camera, if the shot doesn’t work, simply try it again until you get the effect you want and delete the images that did not work. Shooting from a low angle will emphasize the size of the subject.

When using a zoom lens, especially on a compact digital camera, the image quality will generally be inferior. The higher magnification of the subject also magnifies any unsteadiness so lean against a solid object. Even better would be to hold the camera against a solid object and the best solution, not always practical, is to do as the professionals do – use a tripod and cable release. If you are the outdoors type amazon dslr camera, consider investing in a walking pole with built-in camera connector to turn the pole into a monopod.

Take some photographs at crazy angles, combined with a high or low viewpoint, this can make for dramatic images. Learn how to alter the exposure settings, under exposing by 1 stop will give more saturated colours. Compensate for bright backgrounds by over exposing – no more dark faces against a sky or beach scene!

Turn off the flash on your compact digital camera, it is useless unless you are within 2-3 metres of the subject.

Hunt for treasure – Treasure & scavenger hunts are ideal stag nikon camera comparison, hen, reunions or corporate events in the UK and Europe as they are fun, dynamic and inclusive, i.e. everyone gets involved

Why not try our Paris treasure hunt for a truly memorable team day? Call the office now on 01773 766050 (quoting Hunt for Treasure) or contact Andy, the treasure hunt event manager directly on 07050 383698 or simply send an email.

Our Scavenger and Treasure hunts can be written with start and finish locations to suit you. Our most popular location is Paris.

Our UK and international treasure hunts and scavenger hunts have factual, fun and silly clues……….there is a shopping list and a word quiz as well as photographs to take thus best dslr camera for video keeping all team members busy, and by using digital cameras we can also provide alasting memory of your day.

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